ER doctor shares tips on keeping safe from the blistering summer heat

ER doctor shares tips on keeping safe from the blistering summer heat

MIAMI – Being out in hot temperatures can cause heat rash, sunburn, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.  

Dr. Shimbul Mehta, an ER physician at HCA Florida University Hospital, says those affected most are people who work outside. 

“It is very common especially for people who work outdoors, construction workers and landscapers,” said Dr. Mehta. 

Dr. Mehta says that heat-related issues during hot summer months are very common and something to take seriously.  

“They often come in complaining of cramps and not feeling right,” said Dr. Mehta.  

Dr. Mehta says if you think someone may be experiencing a heatstroke, to seek medical attention.    

“Heatstroke is more severe, where one may be confused, may pass out or even develop seizures, and that’s a definitely a medical emergency,” said Dr. Mehta. 

The hottest part of the summer days is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. where Dr. Mehta says it’s best to stay inside. 

But if you are out, she says wearing SPF clothing is a good option – which moms at the pool on Wednesday came prepared with.   

“We’re always wearing these or have a nice sun block, but these are perfect, so it keeps you always cool – you don’t get too hot in the sun,” said Eliana Teixeira. 

Dr. Mehta says that taking breaks throughout the day, sitting in the shade and staying hydrated are all great ways to prevent sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat rash.

“Bottles of water, we brought snacks, we’re just here for a couple hours so we’re trying to stay as shady as possible and in the shade as much as possible,” said Michelle Chin Marsidi.

For those who are working outside in these conditions, Dr. Mehta says staying hydrated is key along with wearing hats and being in the shade as much as possible.

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