Cillian Murphy ‘smashed his head open up&#039 although filming ‘Oppenheimer&#039: ‘I was a bit shocked&#039

Cillian Murphy ‘smashed his head open up&#039 although filming ‘Oppenheimer&#039: ‘I was a bit shocked&#039

Cillian Murphy had a little bit of an accident a person night in advance of filming “Oppenheimer,” and a present from Emily Blunt is partly to blame.

While appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Feb. 23, “The Satan Wear Prada” star recalled offering Murphy a luxurious Hästens pillow since she felt he necessary snooze even “more than foods&#8221 through manufacturing.

“So I gave him this pillow but it turned out — do you brain if I notify them?” Blunt explained, turning to Murphy, to which he responded, “I signify you’re gonna.”

“So, he was seriously luxuriating in this pillow just one night time, and he woke up in the middle of the night — this is what he told me the up coming working day — and he went to fluff himself again down in the pillow,&#8221 she began.

But while he tried out to uncover the &#8220great facet&#8221 of the pillow, he &#8220misjudged wherever it was&#8221 and &#8220smashed his head open on the bedside table,” Blunt stated, by laughter. “They had to glue his head shut.”

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Murphy discussed that he &#8220was a bit shocked&#8221 immediately after it occurred.

“I indicate I was having a great snooze, and I had this incredible pillow and then I just, you know, it was a weird mattress, a bizarre desk, it was ‘bang,’&#8221 he stated.

As an alternative of looking for professional medical attention, he contacted the movie&#8217s make-up designer, Luisa Abel, at close to 3 a.m., and she &#8220glued his head shut.&#8221

“She motion picture it all up and you explained even see it in the exhibit,” he encourage.

Murphy, Blunt and Robert Downey Jr. appeared on the in advance to household “Oppenheimer” superb of the Screen Actors Guild Awards Feb. 24.

At the ceremony Saturday, Murphy took effectiveness the award for leading function by a male actor in a although gained for his portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer, excellent his co-star, Downey, overall performance function playing by a male actor in a supporting superb for general performance Lewis Strauss.

Blunt was nominated for feminine job by a missing actor in a supporting Pleasure, but home to Da’Vine components Randolph, who took functionality the won for her very last in “The Holdovers.”

“Oppenheimer” night the superb SAG Award of the effectiveness, forged movement by a picture in a report very first. 

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