‘Good Burger’ Sequel Is in the Functions, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Ensure

‘Good Burger’ Sequel Is in the Functions, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Ensure

Welcome (again) to Superior Burger, residence of the Good Burger!

A sequel to the 1997 comedy is officially underway, stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell said on “The Tonight Show” March 17.

“Women and Gentlemen,” Mitchell announced. “Welcome to the Very good Burger, home of the Great Burger — part two!”

As the studio viewers erupted in cheers and applause, the two comedians and host Jimmy Fallon celebrated the announcement by standing up and yelling, “two!”

The pair claimed they’ve wished to do a “Good Burger 2” because the to start with movie was produced. According to the “Saturday Night time Live” star, they strategy to film this summer, and the movie will be out “soon.”

“It can be such a blessing, man,” Thompson advised Fallon. “It’s unbelievable.”

The approaching flick will stick to Dex and Ed as they reunite at Fantastic Burger with some manufacturer new co-employees, in accordance to a press release about the sequel.

Thompson explained to Fallon to anticipate a good deal of “hijinks” as effectively as a number of guest appearances.

“We want as a lot of cameos as we can maybe get, like anyone that desires to do it that I guess is rather famed,” he reported.

They then questioned Fallon if he would likely make an appearance.

“Of program I would do some thing,” he responded. “I would do everything with you dudes.”

The first “Fantastic Burger” sketch, which first appeared on “All That” in 1994, highlighted Mitchell as an oblivious cashier named Ed doing the job at the rapidly-foodstuff restaurant, Good Burger. The skit was later on produced into a movie and introduced in July 1997.

“Ed is one particular of these timeless characters that has brought so significantly joy and laughter to admirers, and it is these types of a wonderful blessing to nevertheless be carrying out it following all these decades,” Mitchell mentioned in the press launch.

When questioned about the system of producing the tune “We’re All Dudes,” Mitchelltold Fallon he wrote the “uplifting” tune in about a working day.

Fallon then pulled out two microphones and they all belted out “We’re All Dudes” for an applauding audience when dancing all-around the studio.

Although reminiscing on one more ’90s strike, the sketch comedy exhibit “All That,” the duo advised Fallon that they didn’t know just about every other prior to filming.

“It’s amusing how we all met. I really don’t know if they prepared this, but they had all the young children occur a single by one off the elevator in the foyer. And I don’t forget I was down there already and the elevator opened and this child came out with ‘Mighty Ducks’ gear on,” Mitchell stated, referring to his initial conversation with Thompson.

The comic extra that Thompson had the “roller blades and almost everything” — which is when he knew they would be good friends.

They spelled out they felt primarily compatible as a witty pair when impersonating two previous adult males in “Mavis and Clavis.”

“I truly feel like with me and Kenan, I would say a joke and he would complete it and it just felt like we gelled really superior,” Mitchell defined.

Thompson identified as “Great Burger” a “hearth sketch from the commencing,” and stated the duo understood it would be a hit.

To this day, Mitchell stated enthusiasts continue to quotation the movie again to him, with the included perk of obtaining totally free burgers.

“Very good Burger 2” will be readily available on Paramount+ later this year.

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