Qdoba 1-Ups Chipotle by Declaring You Can Get Viral Cheesesteak Quesadilla at Its Suppliers Now

Qdoba 1-Ups Chipotle by Declaring You Can Get Viral Cheesesteak Quesadilla at Its Suppliers Now

A new cheesy challenger has just entered the ring for a viral TikTok quesadilla showdown.

On Jan. 7, Mexican quick-everyday cafe Qdoba posted a TikTok that will take immediate aim at Chipotle’s viral Philly cheesesteak quesadilla hack. In the video, Qdoba announces that it has presently set the merchandise on its menu — proper after Chipotle declared it would be extra to its individual menu in March. Fail to remember the Chicken Sandwich Wars: Is this the get started of the Quesadilla Wars?

Qdoba’s video clip opens on a hand holding a “PROTEIN AND CHEESE ONLY ON QUESADILLA!” before tossing it in the garbage. This is a direct reference to a TikTok from person @bmar1992 showing a sign they saw posted at the register of their nearby Chipotle that experienced the identical information but with “No TikTok traits permitted” added.

“Hey, can I get the TikTok quesadilla?” claims a guy in the online video to a Qdoba employee behind the counter. The worker piles cheese, grilled adobo steak and fajita veggies on to a tortilla before the digital camera cuts to a cheese pull just after the quesadilla has been assembled.

“Don’t hold out until March,” says the male before he will take a few of bites of his steak-and-veggie quesadilla.

This movie comes on the heels of a Chipotle menu hack that went viral just lately on TikTok: an get of a steak quesadilla with additional cheese and fajita veggies that fans say preferences like a Philly cheesesteak. Chipotle announced its menu addition by partnering with the social media influencers whose videos brought about the item’s popularity: TikTok meals reviewers Alexis Frost and Keith Lee (who included his possess exclusive sauce by mixing the chain’s Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette and sour cream).

In addition to the hack frustrating quite a few Chipotle personnel across the country, numerous critics puzzled why they have to wait at all when Chipotle previously has the elements in-store.

Qdoba says its places to eat didn’t even have to incorporate everything new to the menu in get to accommodate the TikTok hack.

“Qdoba prides alone on its customization selections and serving visitors their individual creations by way of our Make Your Own entrées,” Karin Silk, chief advertising and marketing officer of Qdoba tells These days.com by way of e mail. 

“Quesadillas have often been a staple of our menu so being capable to present the freshest substances to develop the now-viral Cheesesteak Quesadilla is very little new for us,” states Silk. “With visitors developing their individual dipping sauce with our Citrus Lime Vinaigrette and sour cream mixture, it’s been pleasurable to see distinct techniques our friends are introducing a punch of taste.”

For now, Chipotle has not responded to Qdoba’s declaration of war, but various lovers have declared their allegiance to one side or the other on social media.

“Going to qdoba tomorrow for lunch induce they have the steak quesadilla with fajita veggies on they menu,” tweeted one Qdoba enthusiast.

“Chipotle wild for sayin they gon set the quesadilla on the app in MARCH,” reads another tweet. “I don’t even fw chipotle like that but imma get my a– proper to qdoba lead to yall trippin.”

“Qdoba said you do not gotta wait til March to get the quesadilla hack with them lmao they petty,” tweeted another particular person.

On TikTok, video clips have presently popped up of other creators striving out Qdoba’s edition of the hack for themselves.

“Do you know what I did? I went to Qdoba in its place and I requested the exact point,” suggests person @eatdrinkbemandy in a TikTok of her trying a cheese-crusted version of the menu hack. “In my view, Qdoba is really underrated anyhow.”

But, of course, there are people who have pledged their loyalty to Chipotle, Lee and Frost.

“It’s bigger than chipotle we undertaking this for Keith,” reads just one remark under Qdoba’s TikTok.

“@Keith Lee instructed me to get it at Chipotle,” reads another TikTok remark. “Good items appear to these that wait around!”

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