‘White Lotus’ Star Theo James Shares His Possess Horrifying Travel Tale

‘White Lotus’ Star Theo James Shares His Possess Horrifying Travel Tale

“White Lotus” star Theo James is evidently a world traveler in his individual individual everyday living.

Throughout an interview on NBC’s “The Kelly Clarkson Present” this past week, James shared a tale of himself backpacking around someplace and losing his sandals, creating him to walk close to barefoot. Which, turned out to not be the greatest determination, as he identified a parasitic worm on his foot.

Months afterwards, James explained, he felt the consequences.

“Months later, I felt these trek marks occur up my ankle,” James mentioned. “And so, I went to the medical practitioners, the nearby medical practitioners, and they weren’t sure what it was. I went in to London tropical clinical centre, they did not know what it was.”

“They ended up in my pores and skin,” James continued.

The grossest part, James said, was that the worms would move all-around at night. He would be sleeping, and then he would sense them “trekking up” his leg.

“I keep in mind managing down and receiving some cutlery… and striving to slash it out,” James said. “But you are unable to minimize it out, you have to take prescription drugs for it.”

Kelly Clarkson, who found the complete tale disgusting, had the fantastic reaction to James’ tale.

“Oh my God, I would be so drugged up,” she explained.

“White Lotus” is set to air its period two finale upcoming Sunday. In the meantime, lovers have been speculating as to which people will die.

The first period of the HBO Max show received five Primetime Emmy Awards in 2022, such as “Superb Constrained or Anthology Series” and “Superb Crafting, Limited or Anthology Collection.”

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