NBC10’s Sheila Watko Gets ‘Love on Top’ From Beyoncé’s Mom

NBC10’s Sheila Watko Gets ‘Love on Top’ From Beyoncé’s Mom

Ring the Alarm! Getting people from place to place on time can sometimes lead you to Beyoncé’s mother. Well, perhaps only for NBC10’s Sheila Watko.

Tina Lawson gave our very own traffic reporter Sheila Watko a shout out on her Instagram account Wednesday, after seeing Sheila’s traffic tribute to celebrate Beyoncé’s new album “Renaissance.”

In Sheila’s August 2nd report, she incorporated 15 song titles, old and new, from the Queen B without using a script, proving she was an ultimate member of the Beehive.

“The rest of the hive has been so sweet! I love making people laugh and spreading some joy where I can – it’s a tough world out there! When I saw so many comments from people getting a kick out of the Bey references, I was thrilled,” Sheila said.

Songs included early hits from Beyoncé’s time with girl group Destiny’s Child like “Jumpin, Jumpin” and new hits like “Break My Soul” and “Heated”.

Sheila planned to do this July 29, the day Beyoncé released her new album, but traffic had other plans.

“I planned to do this last Friday, but there was a big crash, so I had to keep it serious,” Watko said in an Instagram caption.

Flash forward two days later and Sheila was stunned when her friend notified her that Lawson reposted the traffic report.

“I did not believe it was true,” Sheila wrote. “When I went onto her Instagram, I was STUNNED! Beyoncé’s mother, Ms. Tina herself, knows of my existence?! I couldn’t stop smiling and then, of course, had to tell my own mom!”

This isn’t the first time Sheila has incorporated songs from some of her favorite artist into the newscast. She did it last month when Big Time Rush was in town for a concert. She has also done it twice with Taylor Swift, most recently dropping Easter eggs after the singer released her “Red” album.

Our super star has one message for the Queen B.

“Beyoncé, there’s a reason you are the Queen. You make so many people feel confident and powerful and beautiful, just like you are. Now give us Act II and come to Philly ASAP! Also… tell your mom I said thank you!”

Sheila has since gone on to be recognized by the Today Show, People Magazine, Rolling Stone and many other publications.

Sheila, “Welcome to Hollywood.”

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