Coconut Creek resident says apartment complex won’t allow attorneys to live there

Coconut Creek resident says apartment complex won’t allow attorneys to live there

COCONUT CREEK – Renting in South Florida has been difficult in recent months because of pricing, and now there is news that certain complexes are making it harder for specific professions.

“It said they do not accept rental application from practicing attorneys, non-practicing attorneys, law students,” said a Coconut Creek resident, who asked us not to disclose her identity, as she described the application process to rent at Forest Pointe Apartments.

“I had to read it twice. I was thinking maybe they get a discount or something. And then I said, ‘What are they afraid off?'” added the woman, who was in the application process to rent at the property.

So CBS4 contacted Forest Pointe to get answers. First, we sent an email but got no reply. Then we gave them a call. Finally, we paid them a visit, but the representative there declined comment.

So, we reached out to attorney David Weinstein to get his take.

“I’m certainly surprised that this landlord is excluding my profession from leasing at their property. I’m sure that there are a number of other individuals who are glad that this landlord is not letting lawyers rent at their property,” said Weinstein.

According to, attorneys are among the most hated professions. Surprisingly, Weinstein says it is legal for a landlord to exclude individuals on the bases of their job.

“Landlords are entitled to decide whom they going to rent to and they’re entitled to exclude people based on their profession. And in this case particular example, attorneys, as long as they’re not excluding attorneys based on a specific category outlined in the Federal Fair Housing Act,” added Weinstein.

Those categories include race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability and familial status. Still, not everyone agrees with the actions.

“There’s got to be something we can do whether it’s illegal or not it’s crazy and the housing situation as bad as it is I’m just dumbfounded,” added the resident.

Weinstein says people should use this situation as a reminder to read all the fine print of all documents they sign.

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