‘Caillou’ Is Coming Back to Ruin Parents’ Lives All Over Again

‘Caillou’ Is Coming Back to Ruin Parents’ Lives All Over Again

Don’t be alarmed, the sound you just heard was the collective groan of parents nationwide.

On Tuesday, Peacock announced the return of “Caillou,” which is sure to make a lot of kids happy and plenty of moms and dads stock up on earplugs. The animated series — often derided for its obnoxious main character — ended its run on PBS Kids in 2021. But you can’t keep Caillou down!

The new series is “a CGI reboot of the original, 1997 animated series of the same name,” according to the streamer, “featuring authentic and relatable slice-of-life stories told from the point of view of its imaginative four-year-old main character who learns life lessons and discovers new things with his friends and family.”

The episodes will be 11 minutes long and feature Caillou and “his supportive family and friends that help him navigate his big feelings,” Peacock said.

Caillou isn’t the only one in his feelings, as people responded to the news on social media with messages like “Just when I thought the state of the world couldn’t get worse I find out they’re bringing back Caillou” and “Oh, dear God, no! Please don’t do this. Nobody is asking for this. No parents like #Caillou.”

Not to rain on the parade, but Caillou is coming back with even more of a vengeance.

Peacock also announced the rights to five 44-minute event specials, “focusing on significant childhood occasions.” The specials will feature storylines for Christmas, Halloween, Summer Vacation, Anti-Bullying and Celebration of Family.

Get ready to spend the holidays with Caillou, parents!

“Each story will push further into the rich imaginative potential of Caillou’s inner world than ever before,” said Peacock. “By telling bigger stories, we get a better understanding of Caillou’s struggles and victories, with the ultimate satisfaction of knowing things are always wrapped up in a happy ending.”

Hey, maybe there’s a lesson for all of us to learn here. Let’s give Caillou a chance!

The new (and improved?) Caillou is expected to debut on Peacock in 2023.

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