Can’t Find The Right Baby Formula? There May Be Other Options

Can’t Find The Right Baby Formula? There May Be Other Options

HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – Parents across the country are on the hunt for baby formula. A nationwide recall pulled Similac Alimentum and EleCare off shelves.

“He was using (Enfamil) Gentlease and with that he was really constipated a lot,” Ashley Anderson told CBS4.

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Many moms know exactly the formula their child prefers. Get the wrong formula and it could mean a sick baby or a lot of spit-up.

“Even though I know they’re restocking but it goes out so fast that the shelf just doesn’t stay full so. It’s really hard.”

Anderson was shopping for her 6-week-old son when CBS4 met her outside Buy Buy Baby in Hollywood.

“Especially with a newborn they’re crying a lot two three stores is a lot is just too much right now,” she described of her experience shopping for the right formula.

Unlike some, Anderson is able to nurse her baby part-time, but other parents do not have that option.

CBS4 went to several different stores from Pembroke Pines to Hollywood. While the shelves weren’t completely wiped out, there was a very limited selection. Some had signs with limits, and others warned customers about the recall.

“It’s not OK to be on cow’s milk or evaporated milk,” Dr. Aymin Delgado-Borrego said.

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Dr. Delgado-Borrego is a pediatrician at Kidz Medical Services. She specializes in gastroenterology. At least one parent came in on Tuesday to the office to ask about alternatives.

“One of my last patients that I was seeing was very concerned about the formula shortages.”

She warns parents to talk to doctors before making changes for their babies.

“Milks that are not made for babies are not suitable for babies, in many cases they have too much protein,” she explained.

With a consultation, parents may be able choose between other available brands. In fact, healthy babies can switch to almost any other brand of formula.

“Discuss with your doctor which alternatives are available for your baby, especially if they have certain complex or specialized formulas.”

Meanwhile, the shortage is putting on further strain on Anderson, who told CBS4 the cost of gas along with everything has gone up for a new baby.

“Even with ordering online, even the online is is running out. And if it’s not running out, it’s a lot more,” Anderson said.

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And the last bit of advice from Dr. Delgado-Borrego for parents is do not panic, the shortage will eventually come to an end.

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