Ashton Kutcher Has the Best Response to Mila Kunis Making the Time 100 Most Influential List

Ashton Kutcher Has the Best Response to Mila Kunis Making the Time 100 Most Influential List

It looks like Ashton Kutcher will have to settle for being the second most influential person in his home — at least for now.

On May 23, Time released its 100 Most Influential List of 2022 which features influential artists, world leaders, business titans, pioneers and other people changing the world. Stars such as Pete Davidson, Kris Jenner and Zendaya were among those who received the honor. Unfortunately for Kutcher, his wife Mila Kunis also made the list, which he jokingly complained about on Twitter.

“Dear Time magazine, I already lose every argument I have with my wife,” Kutcher wrote on Twitter, adding, “You just had to do this didn’t you?”

Kunis, 38, was praised for the many roles she takes on as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a producer and an actor by her friend and fellow actress Zoe Saldaña.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star penned an essay that commended Kunis’ curiosity and hunger for “conversations that are important [and] thought-provoking.” Saldaña wrote, “And she’s also very generous with information that she learns; she just spreads it around. She is very much a leader, whether she is running a chat group of fellow mothers, organizing an event, or fundraising for causes she cares about.”

In her essay, Saldaña also commended Kunis for the strides she’s made as the daughter of immigrants: “You understand that you stand in a certain box that makes you quite responsible very early in life.”

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While Kunis ultimately walked away with the honor, Saldaña did in fact make a sweet nod toward Kutcher.

“Seeing her fundraise for Ukraine and raise tens of millions: it’s what we have come to expect the Kutcher-Kunis clan to do, to always rise to the occasion,” she wrote. “What needs to be done? They will take it upon themselves, they will initiate anything and everything in their power to be of service.”

Looks like Kutcher might not have lost this battle after all.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have reached their donation goal of $30 million for Ukraine amid the Russia invasion. The couple took to Instagram on Thursday to share the exciting news.

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