Taste Of The Town: Jatto Dishing Out Delicious Peruvian Cuisine With A Twist In Wynwood

Taste Of The Town: Jatto Dishing Out Delicious Peruvian Cuisine With A Twist In Wynwood

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — It’s a mix of cultures and talents in the kitchen at Jatto in Wynwood.

Chef and owner Henry Hané is melding his Peruvian heritage with influences from Colombia, Spain, and Thailand to offer diners a vibrant menu.

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His Chef de Cuisine Aleric Constantin brings his passion for creative expression in every dish, and he calls it “chef driven food.”

“So you have two chefs that are born and raised in Miami. I am from Cuban dissent; Henry is from Peruvian and Colombian. We both have worked and traveled abroad so we pretty much tie in our memories, our nostalgia experiences into the menu,” explained Constantin.

So what does Jatto mean?

“It means (as a slang) for home, or crib or place of gathering. It’s exactly how we want guests to feel, and I think we’ve been able to do it with the space,” explained chef Henry.

The restaurant has a cool, relaxed, yet modern vibe with indoor dining and a lush patio outside. Both highly regarded chefs are all about creating a unique dining experience for every diner.

“Like I said, we are pouring out our memories and ourselves onto the menu, so we want customers to take that home with them. To think about it and let it simmer and consume them until the next time they come back,” said Constantin.

Baked Potato from Jatto (CBS4)

CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo begins her tasting with the chef’s stepped up take on a baked potato.

“It has a garlic, yogurt, cream, topped with a brown butter crumble and chives,” said chef Henry.

“It’s sweet. It’s delicious. Not too sweet. It’s a perfect side dish or meal,” said Petrillo.

Leek confit (CBS4)

Next, a one-of-a-kind, superb leek confit with roasted cashew Romesco and leek ash.

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“It’s so unique and different and a bunch of flavors just hit me. There’s a creaminess, there’s the unique texture of the leek and then a kiss of heat on the top,” Petrillo said.

“You can’t really get what you get here anywhere else,” said chef Henry. “So that’s kind of my biggest goal is when people leave the restaurant they must come back for the leeks because they can’t get the dish anywhere else.”

Coconut Miso grouper for two (CBS4)

Up next, the shared entrée Coconut Miso grouper for two.

It’s make-your-own lettuce wraps with Sazon sushi rice and hearts of palm salad.

“First of all, it’s fun. The lettuce wrap, the rice, the veggies. Again so unique and different and something I haven’t seen before with a host of flavors. It also feels really light and healthy,” said Petrillo.

They end on the Black Forest Oblea.

Black Forest Oblea (CBS4)


It’s a thin wafer filled with cherries, raspberry jam, and whipped cream.

“An oozing drippy mess of deliciousness. Oh my goodness,” exclaimed Petrillo.

Jatto is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday and brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

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