Lacey Chabert Details ‘Incredibly Hard’ Journey After Sister’s Death in Gut-Wrenching Post

Lacey Chabert Details ‘Incredibly Hard’ Journey After Sister’s Death in Gut-Wrenching Post

Two months after her sister’s death, Lacey Chabert is far from hanging up her grief.

“I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I’ve been able to hear my sister’s voice,” the “Mean Girls” actress marveled of Wendy in a recent Instagram post. “I still reach for my phone ten times a day to text or call her before I remember that I can’t.”

The mourning process has been every bit as difficult as she predicted in November when she shared how the hearts of everyone in her family “are shattered into a million pieces that I don’t know how we will ever put back together again.” While she noted some days are OK, on others it’s hard to even catch her breath. “I keep calling grief a journey, because that’s what it’s been for me,” she continued. “It’s been incredibly hard.”

Naturally, she shared, “I miss Wendy with every ounce of my being. I desperately wish I could hug her once more or hear her voice.”

“But when I’m still enough, I realize I really do hear it,” she told her followers. “I hear it because she’s imbedded in my every thought. We were best friends who also happened to share DNA. We knew each other inside out. I hear her sarcastic humor in my head all day long! There was no one funnier.”

And Lacey sees that “wit” in her own five-year-old daughter Julia.

“I realize I’m only at the beginning of this journey and I certainly don’t have all the wisdom, but I know for now I’m doing my best to do what I think Wendy would want me to do,” Lacey concluded. “I’m putting one foot in front of the other and making the most of each day. I love you, Wendy.”

After sharing the Instagram post, Lacey’s comment section was flooded with heartwarming messages from friends, fans and fellow stars. “Sharing lets us know Wendy and love her with you, thank you,” Jennifer Garner commented. “And I’m sorry.”

Added actress Marla Sokoloff, “Love you [heart emoji] I’m so sorry.”

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