How a Billboard Sent ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Into a Tizzy

How a Billboard Sent ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Into a Tizzy

Netflix‘s latest publicity stunt is as mysterious as the Upside Down.

On Wednesday, Feb. 16, the streaming service posted an interesting update to Twitter: a photo of a billboard that read in upside down font, “Every ending has a beginning.” Though the post didn’t directly mention “Stranger Things,” it didn’t take long for fans to realize this tweet had something to do with the horror drama.

For starters, the upside down message is clearly a reference to the alternate dimension that is connected to the show’s main setting, Hawkins, Ind. Not to mention, fans have been eagerly awaiting news for a season four premiere date ever since Netflix confirmed last November that the new season would drop this summer.

So it isn’t surprising that several fans reacted strongly to Netflix’s tweet. One follower commented, “Y’all cannot keep doing this. we are getting tired. we just want a release date. Or a trailer. SOMETHING.” Another fan felt similarly, adding, “We want a trailer and release date!!!”

To top it off, one said what we’re all thinking by writing, “Okay now you’re really teasing us too hard.”

But what about that cryptic message? Is “Stranger Things” ending sooner than we thought? Is a spin-off in the works? We’re guessing the note is in reference to the spooky “Creel House,” which was featured in a September teaser for season four.

The footage shows a family from the ’50s moving into a beautiful Victorian-looking abode, but, before long, ominous occurrences begin to plague the family. Later on, Steve (Joe Keery), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Max (Sadie Sink) are seen exploring the now abandoned Creel House, which somehow is connected to the deadly world parallel to Hawkins.

In short, we’ll likely be getting an origin story for the Upside Down. The past seems to be a key theme to the upcoming season, as Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)’s past at Hawkins Lab is teased in a clip from last May.

The footage features Dr. Martin Brenner, a.k.a. “Papa” (Matthew Modine), overseeing a group of children with closely cropped hair and asking, “Eleven, are you listening?”

While we wait for word about this eyebrow raising billboard, let’s take a closer look at everything we know about the fourth season of “Stranger Things.”

Seasons one through three of “Stranger Things” are available to stream on Netflix.


Heading Out of Hawkins

“Stranger Things”¬†was renewed for season four¬†in September 2019. And, thanks to a captivating teaser on Twitter, it was clear that the new season would venture outside of the Indiana town. The caption read: “we’re not in hawkins anymore.”

Video Store Fridays

All the way back in October 2019, the¬†“Stranger Things”¬†writers’¬†Twitter account¬†introduced¬†Video Store Fridays, a list of movies which, according to the post, “relate in some way or another to season four.”

The first films listed?¬†“The Peanut Butter Solution,”¬†“The Fisher King,”¬†“Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey,”¬†“You’ve Got Mail”¬†and¬†“Ordinary People.”

The writers kept this up for about six months, listing everything from¬†“Hellraiser 2”¬†to¬†“Billy Madison”¬†and more.

Episode One

In November 2019,¬†it was teased¬†that the first episode of season four is titled, “Chapter One: the Hellfire Club.” What exactly is the Hellfire club? We have some theories, but we guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Hopper’s Fate Revealed

For those who may need a refresher, it was unclear at the end of¬†“Stranger Things”¬†season three whether¬†David Harbour’s character¬†Jim Hopper was still alive. By February 2020, Netflix released a teaser that showed¬†a bald Hopper imprisoned in Russia.

An “Epic” Season Awaits

On what fans can expect from season four,¬†David Harbour¬†told¬†Deadline¬†that “it’s very epic and very big in a¬†“Stranger Things”¬†way.” The leading man teased monsters, horror, scares and “great¬†“Indiana Jones”-type action.” Additionally, fans can expect more of Hopper’s backstory.

An Expanding Ensemble Cast

Just when we thought the¬†“Stranger Things”¬†cast couldn’t get more impressive, Netflix announced¬†eight additional cast members¬†in November 2020, including¬†Eduardo Franco,¬†Jamie Campbell Bower,¬†Sherman Augustus,¬†Mason Dye,¬†Joseph Quinn,¬†Tom Wlaschiha,¬†Nikola Djuricko¬†and Freddy Krueger himself,¬†Robert Englund.

Eleven’s Origin Story

In May 2021,¬†a new teaser indicated¬†that the origin story of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) will be explored more.¬†At the start of the clip, a number of youngsters with closely cropped hair¬†are seen playing with educational toys. Later, Dr. Martin Brenner, a.k.a. “Papa” (Matthew Modine), appears to be seen from the back as he walks in and says in a voiceover, “Good morning, children.”

As Brenner continues to interact with the children, heavy breathing is heard as a camera pans to a door with an 11 on it. The clip comes to an end with the ominous doctor asking,¬†“Eleven, are you listening?”

The New Faces of Hawkins High

Four new faces joined the¬†“Stranger Things”¬†cast in June 2021, including¬†Amybeth McNulty¬†as Vickie, a cool, fast-talking band nerd;¬†Myles Truitt¬†as Patrick, a basketball star at Hawkins;¬†Grace Van Dien¬†as another popular student, named Chrissy; and¬†Regina Ting Chen¬†as Ms. Kelly, a popular guidance counselor who cares deeply for her students.

A 2022 Return

In August 2021, Netflix¬†teased what’s to come¬†for the new season, including its return year.¬†“See y’all in the upside down,” Netflix¬†noted in an Instagram caption.

Welcome to “Creel House”

In a teaser from Sept. 2021, a new spooky locale was introduced: Creel House. The footage indicated that the seemingly haunted home has a dark connection to the Upside Down, and that Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Steve (Joe Keery), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and more are on the case.

Spring Break from Hell

On¬†“Stranger Things”¬†Day in 2021, Netflix revealed that¬†season four will follow Eleven and the Byers family in their new¬†town in California. Before fans of Eleven and Mike panic, it seems the couple will reunite over spring break. In typical¬†“Stranger Things”¬†fashion, the trip promises plenty of chaos.

Netflix also announced that the new season will drop in summer 2022.

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