Broward Leaders Announce Project To Prevent Wastewater From Being Dumped Into The Ocean

Broward Leaders Announce Project To Prevent Wastewater From Being Dumped Into The Ocean

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – On Friday, Broward County leaders held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to announce a new project that will save millions of gallons of wastewater from being dumped into the ocean.

CBS4 News has learned that instead of dumping all of that wastewater into the ocean, it’ll be treated and reused to irrigate any green spaces you see around the county.

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County leaders say it’s a huge step in the right direction

“This is like recycling but for water. Whenever you can recycle something, it works out better and that’s what we’re doing here,” said Michael Udine, Broward County Mayor.

Broward County water and wastewater services process up to 70-million gallons of water every day.

This new project will take 60% of that wastewater, treat it, and reuse it to irrigate, instead of sending it right into the ocean.

“The most important resource on the planet is water,” said Ron Bergeron,
Conservationist & South Florida Water Management Board Member.

“Water is a precious resource and this $28 million is a good investment and good for water management,” added Udine.

“This project means we’ll use our Aquaphor less and dump significantly less wastewater into the ocean.”

“People have to recognize, the Everglades replenishes the Aquaphor, which is our drinking water,” said Bergeron.

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The pipeline is more than six miles long and runs from the county’s north regional wastewater treatment plant to the Hillsboro canal banks.

“In Florida, the journey of water is the life of South Florida for 9 million people,” added Bergeron.

Drew Bartlett, the deputy secretary for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection says there are so many benefits to recycling water.

He says it’ll benefit the people of Broward County in more ways than one.

“That’s what brings Floridians together – it’s water and water resources. We’re so passionate about protecting those water resources in the state of Florida,” Bartlett said.

The county says they have the community’s support on this one.

Very few people have complained about the pipeline, which runs right through the city of Parkland.

Broward County partnered with Palm Beach County to complete the project.

Mayor Udine said there are ways to expand this type of pipeline system throughout South Florida.

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He hopes they can be a model for the rest of the state.

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