Bode and Morgan Miller Have Finally Named Their 3-Month-Old Baby … Maybe?

Bode and Morgan Miller Have Finally Named Their 3-Month-Old Baby … Maybe?

Former Olympic skier Bode Miller and his wife, former pro volleyball player Morgan Miller, may have finally chosen a name for their baby girl, who was born in November 2021.

The couple hosted a question and answer session on Morgan’s Instagram stories Monday.

Question number one: Have you named the baby?

Fans were inquiring about the couple’s littlest child, who still did not have a name at 7 weeks old, when her parents checked in with TODAY earlier this year.

Morgan, 34, asked Bode, 44, if the little girl had a name yet and he replied, “Yes.”

“We have?” Morgan responded, somewhat surprised. “What’s her name?”

“Olivia,” Bode responded.

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But they’re not 100% certain.

“No, I’m not letting you even say that because we don’t know that,” Morgan told him before the Instagram story clip ended.

The couple went on to answer more questions from fans, including if they plan on having more kids in the future.

“We are done, we have enough,” Bode said while holding baby (maybe) Olivia.

The pair are also parents to sons Nash, 6, Easton, 3, twins Asher and Aksel, 2, and late daughter Emeline, who died in a tragic drowning accident in 2018 when she was just 19 months old. Bode is also dad to son Nate, 8, and daughter Dace, 13, from previous relationships.

The athletic duo announced the arrival of their little girl in December. During a January appearance on TODAY, they revealed they hadn’t chosen a name yet.

“She’s stumped us on names so far,” Bode said at the time. “We have a lot that we like, but she hasn’t smiled or high-fived or anything when we say them to her, and we say them to her all the time.”

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TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie wondered what few names they have in mind for their daughter.

“Our three front-runners are Skyler, Scarlett, and calling her Lettie, or Olivia, and calling her Liv,” said Morgan. “All kind of have a special meaning to it. So we may have to reach out to our social media followers and ask for some assistance because she has not really been giving us many answers.”

But Bode may have dropped a big Easter egg that day.

“I’m a huge fan of Liv, Olivia,” Body, who now runs a ski academy in Colorado, said. “It’s a little bit frustrating that it’s one of the most popular names this year because most of the names of our children aren’t terribly popular, but we’re not going to let that stand in the way, obviously.”

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