Elevate Your Business with the TRD Brand Studio

Elevate Your Business with the TRD Brand Studio

You may think of The Real Deal as the leading authority on real estate news, delivering in-depth, hard-hitting journalism on all facets of the industry.

And you’d be correct! But that’s only half the story.

The TRD Brand Studio extends our media expertise to your business, placing it center stage in front of our ever-expanding audience, the most active and engaged real estate players on the scene.

Does your brokerage have a story to tell about, say, the Palm Beach luxury market? Let us be your mouthpiece. Are you changing the flex-office game with a unique, pandemic-resistant business strategy? Fabulous. Let’s get the word out.

With the capabilities and resources of a multimedia news outlet, the TRD Brand Studio can offer not only words on a page, but also custom video content of top-tier production quality. Whether you’re an asset management platform that just acquired a tenant engagement “super app,” or a lender helping catalyze a South Floridian economic boom, we’ve got three words for you: Lights, camera, action.

Virtual events have taken off in the past two years, and the TRD Brand Studio has been at the forefront. Back when the “new normal” was still — well, new — there wasn’t a soul out there that didn’t have something to say about optimizing the office. They brought the insights, we gave them a platform, and we can’t wait to do the same for you and your business.

But of course, there’s nothing like a room full of people buzzing with excitement and intrigue. We know this better than anyone. The TRD Brand Studio also offers full-service event planning and production. After all, we are journalists at heart — even if our newsroom is separate — so leave the who’s, when’s and where’s to us. Just tell us what you’ve got and why it’s awesome.

Every brand has a story to tell. In the cacophony of marketing, the TRD Brand Studio will make sure your voice is heard.

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