Allen to Stay with Heat

29 June 2013

Now that the NBA Finals wrapped up, it’s time to determine who’s going out or staying. And one of the latter is Heat’s shooting guard, Ray Allen.

Ray Allen decided not to opt out. He is projected to make $3.2 million instead of the $3.7 if he had decided otherwise. Along with his decision is the missed opportunity to sign for as many as four seasons with annual raises.

However, Allen still preferred to gravitate to his current contract.

Allen averaged career lows, including his points, minutes and shooting, ranking 15th in the league. However, Allen definitely made his mark during the previous NBA Finals with his 11th-hour three-pointer with just 5.2 seconds left in the fourth, extending the game to overtime while Spurs stood in disbelief.

Allen’s decision gives Heat 12 players with guaranteed and signed contracts, including Bosh, Chalmers, Haslem, Wade, LeBron, Cole, Jones, Anthony, Lewis, Battier, Miller and Allen himself.