Heat’s Big Three Have Work Ahead of Them

24 June 2013

Miami’s Big Three have won two NBA championships but their work might only be starting.

LeBron made a pledge on the summer of 2010 to win 8 finals. While they met every expectation set upon them, the Big Three is only getting started as they are seen as favorites to entire the finals again next year.

Winning another championship will definitely set the Big Three on a pedestal. The potential success would be reminiscent of Kevin McHale’s, Robert Parish’s, and Larry Bird’s three consecutive wins in 1980s. San Antonio also has its group who has won three titles: Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan. These feats would put pressure on future Big Threes, including that of Heat.

Yet one of the main challenges for next year would be cohesiveness. All three players of the Heat’s Big Three have the option to opt out of their contracts in the summer of next year. However, given their success during the previous seasons, doing so would be a tremendous downgrade.

Several teams have pushed Heat on sevens. And among the trio, only James is considered important. Wade can share the status but given his performance during the Finals, he might be in some serious danger of being left out.

Lastly, Bosh is the least performing of the three. He was virtually pointless in Game 7. His attempt on a three-pointer on the fourth terribly and embarrassingly failed.

The Heat could probably trade Bosh for other players but the James would certainly have a say in such situation. Getting LeBron’s approval would be difficult given his contribution to the team during the past seasons.

It’s nonetheless undeniable that the Heat is the favorite to grab the title next season. And with James as its frontrunner, fans can certainly rely on the team to easily make their way to another final.