Spurs Grabs Game 5 – Series Now 3-2

17 June 2013

Spurs beat Heat in Game of NBA Finals ending the game with 114-104. All they needed was Ginobili’s spectacular performance which earned the team with 24 points and 10 assists.

Tony Parker had 26 points for Spurs. Danny Green ended with 24.

On Miami’s side, Wade had 25 points and 10 assists while LeBron with 25 points. During the second, Heat’s uninspired performance cost them to miss out on 21 of their 29 shots further pushing Spurs with 17 points away from them.

Manu got his groove back, delivering a performance that Spurs badly needed to clinch a lead against Miami Heat in the series.

Tim Duncan earned 13 points and 11 rebounds while Kawhi Leonard ended with 16 points eight rebounds.

For the Heat, Bosh gained 16 points and six rebounds and Allen with 21 points.

Heat went to answer Spurs lead by cutting it 61-59 after the halftime but San Antonio was pushing further after Parker delivered a jumper and Green a 3-pointer.

Game 4 saw Heat recovering from their poor performance in Game 3. Spurs, however, was more than ready to push them away with Ginobili for center who was averaging at 7.5 points during the first four games.

Again during Game 4, Heat’s Big Three broke their series-long poor delivery with a combined 85 points, 10 steals and 30 rebounds. Yet their inconsistency with their games cost their Game 5.

Spurs need only one win to guarantee the title. Heat, on the other hand, need to up their game if they want to stay on the series and push for Game 7.