Heat Wins Game 4 Setting the Series 2-2 with San Antonio Spurs

14 June 2013

Miami Heat bounced back from their loss in Game 3 to tie it with San Antonio Spurs, evening the series at 2-2.

The scrutiny towards their performance during Game 3 was what probably led to LeBron’s explosive performance, along with two-thirds of the Heat’s Big 3. The three seemed to meld together during the game, eventually tossing Spurs with 109-93.

The combined effort of Chris, Wade and James LeBron put 85 points for Heat, quelling cries from critics who said that the trio could not deliver any game like what they did in Game 4.

With James retiring from the court early in the game, Wade and Bosh was more than up for the job and finished what LeBron started. James needed a break to “keep [his] foot on the gas,” as Miami was up 86-79.

Wade ended with 32 points, six rebounds and steals while James finished with 33 points 11 rebounds and four assists. It was the third time during this postseason for the duo to earn at least 20 points in their game.

Despite a hamstring injury he suffered from Game 3, Tony Parker managed to scrape 15 points and nine assists for the Spurs. Tim Duncan earned his team with 20.

James was determined to rise again from his devastating performance in Game 3. After grabbing a turnover from Neal and dashing for a layup, he dashed to the post again and sped to the rim, pushing Danny Green along the way. Notwithstanding the miss, James took control of his pace and reminded everyone why he was the league’s MVP.