Spurs Grab Victory Over Heat in Game 3 of NBA Finals

13 June 2013

After losing Game 2 of the NBA Finals, San Antonio Spurs once again took the lead in the series with 2-1, beating Miami with a 113-77 final score.

Throughout the game, LeBron was struggling to find his rhythm. James was unable to perform well for his team, causing the Heat to lose Game 3. They now trail the Spurs 2-1.

Spurs set an NBA Finals record with 16 three-pointers. They are now closer to winning their fifth title and defending their title.

James had two points during the flag when Heat was trailing 44-50. He, however, missed 11 of his first 13 shots and finished only with less than 20 points.

Surprisingly, the usual Spurs players Duncan, Ginobili and Parker were not the stars of the game but rather Kawhi Leonard, Gary Neal and Danny Green. Neal ended with 24 points, including six three-pointers.

James has trouble with Leonard’s defense. Leonard gave his team 14 points while Green hit seven of his nine three-pointers, adding 27 more points.

Duncan set the tone for the Spurs’ game. He regained his aggressiveness that seemed to have disappeared in Game 2. He was persistent in attacking Haslem. After six minutes of that, he sped past LeBron in the lane for a dunk that put them up 11-4.

Yet despite the Spurs’ aggressiveness, the Heat responded equally. Wade finished with eight points before entering the second.

Neal’s performance was as surprising as LeBron’s lack thereof, garnering 14 points before the break. The Heat has a 14-4 run putting them head-to-head with Spurs in a 44-44 tie. Parker put a stop on that tie with a three-pointer while Neal finished the quarter off with another, placing Spurs 50-44.

Spurs’ lead became wider during half of the third. Duncan’s jumper followed by a three from Green led the Spurs with 11. Once the second ended, Spurs had widened the gap with 59-46.