Heat Wins in Game 7

4 June 2013

Heat may have lost their Game 6 against Pacers but they came back with a vengeance, clinching a sport in the Finals after beating Indiana 99 to 76 in Game 7.

Wade received criticisms for his performance but paid no attention to it as he took his team on its way to go head-to-head with San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals starting on Thursday.

All the things that happened during their first six games now don’t matter. They had their eye on giving their best performance on the deciding Game 7.

During the game, Wade delivered 21 points and nine rebounds. He was also active in defense and got his game back on.

Many are saying that the win was anticlimactic in what was expected to be an exciting Game-7 matchup.

LeBron finishes in an expected 21 points, four assists and eight rebounds.

The only issue was the performance of Wade and Bosh who struggled with their offense against the excellent defense of the Pacers. Bosh was blamed for their loss on Saturday and did not deliver that good a performance in their final match with the Pacers, garnering only nine points. He, however, earned eight rebounds, a series high for him against Indiana Pacers.

From the start, Miami pressured Pacers and gained control of the game with 33-16 on the second and 52-57 during the halftime. Combined points of 16 and nine rebounds were earned by Wade and James during the third causing Heat to lead 76-55.

After Saturday’s loss, James gave his team some encouragement. He continued to motivate his teammates during Monday morning and throughout the game. He involved others pushing his teammates to perform for Heat.