Heat’s Season Could Turn Awry at Game 7

3 June 2013

With Pacer’s win at Game 6, all eyes are on Miami Heat as they once again face Indiana at the deciding Game 7 on Monday where their dreams of stepping into the Finals could either end in victory or bitter tears.

Game 7s are known to produce legends. While Spoelstra would have liked to close earlier last Saturday, Pacer’s defense blocked them from doing so.

It was LeBron who carried his team through the Eastern Conference finals but he will need to do more if they want to clinch a spot on the Finals on Monday’s game. And while James encouraged his teammates as they walked off the court, there is still the question of whether the ties that bind Heat together is strong enough to put a winning performance on Game 7.

It was also reported that James challenged Wade after Game 6 after Dwayne missed easy baskets. To top it off, Chris Bosh was suffering from a sore ankle throughout the match.

There was no formal practice for Miami on Sunday but Bosh was determined to win on their next game that he arrived early at the AmericanAirlines Arena to study his game to help improve his performance on the next match.

Since Game 4, Bosh has been shooting at 23.8 percent compared to his counterpart Roy Hibbert of Indiana Pacers with 72.5 percent. He admitted that something was “off” during Saturday’s game. To make matters worse for Bosh, Spoelstra blamed his lack of offense on Saturday’s loss.

Aside from Bosh, Wade has also scored poorly during the past two games with 10 points each. Wade transferred some of the responsibility to James as he asserted that the game should not be left “to the individual to self-will it.” He continued, “We’ve got to do a good job of making sure me and Chris have our opportunities to succeed throughout the game.”

Tension and pressure are certainly common when teams are faced with a deciding Game 7. It will only be a matter of time if a home court advantage could push them into putting on a winning performance against Pacers.