LeBron Takes Reins as Heat Puts Pacers 3-2

31 May 2013

It was a tense moment for Heat as their chances of getting back to the NBA Finals seemed to slip away.

LeBron James was there, however, to take matters in his own hands.

The four-time MVP put an excellent third quarter performance, hitting 16 of his 30 points and fueling a 20-point turnaround at one point. In the end, Heat puts Indiana Pacers 90-79.

The Heat now leads the series with 3-2. They also gain the chance to go against Indiana and finish it off once and for all on Saturday night. If everything goes well, they are looking at a matchup with the San Antonio Spurs.

Pacers lead 46-40 during the early third. Within minutes, Heat outscored Pacers 30-10 as James scored 25 points for Miami. LeBron clearly took the reins as he shot 7 in 10 during the third quarter, rebounded four times and garnered four assists.

Before the quarter ended, James added six assists and eight rebounds, while Haslem made eight shots. Chalmers added 12 and Wade put 10 points for the Heat.

As for the Pacers, Paul George earned the team 27 points and 11 rebounds, Roy Hibbert got 22 points and David West ended with 17. The Pacers led early in the game but failed to answer back as the Heat trampled them in the third.

Both Haslem and James earned Heat with a total of 18 points during the final 6:04 of the third quarter. Most of the points came from jump shots, Chalmer’s 3-pointer, Haslem’s three jumpers, and five from James plus his 3-pointer with only 16 seconds left in the quarter. After all was done, Miami lead 70-56.

Pacers lead the first quarter with George and Hibbert earning a combined 23 points. After the period, Indiana lead by four. Once the second started, the apparent animosity between the two teams began to show.

Chris Andersen and Tyler Hansbrough both got technicals after Andersen was seen to hit Hansbrough twice. After things simmered down, Indiana went into lead with 44-40.

After that, though, Heat answered back with LeBron and Haslem putting together excellent gameplay.

Last year, Heat lost Game 5 to Boston. They needed a 45-point game from LeBron in the next game to extend the season.

This time, however, Heat is only one win away from Finals.