Developers and Neighbors in Miami Beach Reach an Agreement

29 May 2013

A mixed-use condo development located at the foot of the bridge leading Sunset Islands 3 and 4 have caused quite a strife between the residents and the developers. The bridge in question is a historical landmark of the Sunset Islands, and the construction of the residential tower is creating a gap. Recent developments, however, show that an agreement had been met.

The settlement, which was submitted on May 13, places an end to the hearings, appeals and private meetings regarding the condo project.

In summary, the developers of the condo, named the Palau at Sunset Harbour, agreed to start the construction a good distance away from the Sunset Drive bridge. Also included in the concessions is the 10-foot distance between the planned ground-level shops and the property line. After the agreement, the residents of Sunset Islands have agreed to back the condo project.

The 50-unit condo development from architect Kobi Karp was from by the locals disruptive as it overwhelmed the neighborhood and the overall historic Sunset Drive.

The residents of Sunset Island won the appeal of the initial approval of the project. They settled the matter, however, before the case could be taken up again.