Miami soon to have texting while driving bill

28 May 2013

texting-while-drivingIn a move that would garner nods from many people. Gov. Rick Scott will soon sign his texting while driving bill in a ceremony on Tuesday in Miami.
Gov. Scott will sign the legislation banning texting while driving. The ceremony will be held at the Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School on Tuesday.
Once enacted, the bill would make it illegal to type or read texts, including IMs and emails, while driving. Doing the said activities while the vehicle is idle will still be OK.
According to Governor Scott, the bill would reach out to those who raised concerns about the safe driving. “We must do everything we can at the state level to keep our teenagers and everyone on our roads safe. I cannot think of a better time to officially sign this bill into law,” he added. Under the bill, drivers who are charged with careless driving and speeding and are found to have been texting while driving will be eligible for a citation. While police and prosecutors could not still be able to seek the phone records of the driver, under the bill, those records can still be sought if injury or death resulted from the accident. The measure also makes an exception for GPS devices and for using cellphones for reporting criminal acts. Talk-to-talk and hands-free technology are also allowed for as long as the driving isn’t reading or typing any message on the phone. Once Gov. Scott signs the bill, Florida would join the ranks of other states that had enacted such similar legislations. Punishment for a first violation is a $30 fine plus court costs. A second violation within five years carries a $60 fine plus court costs.