Coral Gables Real Estate Highlights: The City’s Dazzling Aquatic Attractions

17 October 2012

People who are considering today’s selection of Coral Gables real estate options are most likely to be drawn to the city’s many outstanding qualities as well as the actual range of single-family homes and condominiums which are being offered on today’s property market.

However, there are other highlights that people can look forward to within the city as people are sure to find dazzling aquatic attractions such as the Venetian Pool which is located along De Soto Boulevard, near Almeria Avernue and Sevilla Avenue.

Thousands of people have come to the city to visit and see the Coral Gables real estate highlight which has been known to be so unique and unforgettable. It even has a very interesting history which makes it even more fascinating. In fact, it is the one and only swimming pool found within the United States that has been included in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Venetian Pool was first opened in 1924. It was originally known as the Venetian Casino which easily became a major site for famous celebrities during that period like Johnny Weissmuller and Esther Williams.

Back then, the Venetian Pool was such a popular site that it even became the preferred venue for numerous concerts which would be held inside the bottom of the pool after being drained of its 820,000 gallons of water.

In 1989, the pool was renovated entirely and improvements were added in 2009 up to 2010. Despite its renovations, the city made it a point to retain as much of the pool’s historical qualities so that it could continue to showcase the outstanding atmosphere that it had managed to provide to people over the decades.

Up until this very day, people can visit the Venetian Pool to become immersed in one of the city’s top highlight. Its entry fountain room even offers a beautiful selection of historic photographs which show the true brilliance of the spectacular site which lived up to the concept that the city’s founder, George Merrick, had in mind when he took the time to work on the attraction alongside the architect Phineas Paist and the artist Denman Fink.

Property buyers who are interested in being able to find the most amazing real estate options within the Miami-Dade County area are guaranteed to be greatly rewarded by choosing Coral Gables real estate options, especially since the city has many fabulous things to offer such as the dazzling aquatic attraction known as the Venetian Pool. The city is also home to two waterfalls which can provide people with experiences that are sure to be remembered.

If you would like to find out about today’s available selection of single-family homes and condominiums that are located within the city, you should contact a professional real estate agent that specializes in Coral Gables real estate options for more details.


Yaz Morgan
Coral Gables Real Estate