The Florida Real Estate Market: The Road To Recovery Has Been No Easy Feat

10 September 2012

When the Florida real estate market experienced the effects of the crash a few years ago, so many people were devastated over losses which were different from case to case. Some people lost their jobs, others lost their homes, while there are those who lost money in figures that no one knows for sure.

But despite all these things, people figured out that the only thing that had to be done was to get back up and look towards the future. Luckily, the future for Florida always has been a bright one, especially since its location makes it one of the most beautiful tropical settings within the United States today.

If you have always dreamed of living in a place that offers ocean views at their finest — along with great tropical climate conditions — then Florida is definitely the kind of place that you would want to live in and that is exactly why so many people from over the world have continued to purchase Florida real estate options despite the economic situation within the region.

But now that the market is looking up again, with property values back to where they were before the crash took place, people can definitely say that the Florida real estate market is looking better than ever before and that recovery is always a good thing.

Of course, people who have suffered from the crash know that it has not been an easy feat which is exactly why their success is sure to be so much sweeter.

While a significant percentage of transactions within the state have come in from an impressive number of international property buyers, the number of domestic buyers has also been growing in recent months. The fact that property values have been on the rise has definitely played a role in the boost since people are looking to acquire Florida real estate options in time to cash in on the profitable investments that many expect to bear fruit in the next year or so.

As of July 2012, the home value index for real estate within Florida is $125,700. For other parts of the state, the home value index is as follow: Miami, $145,600; Orlando, $121,400; Tampa, $108,500; Tallahassee, $130,200; and Jacksonville, $120,500.

Of course, such figures will only provide property buyers with a rough estimate. For property buyers who are interested in actual property values within specific areas in the state, consulting with a professional agent that specializes in Florida real estate is definitely the best way to find out more information about your available options and the current market situation.

Yaz Morgan
Florida Real Estate