The Exclusive Indian Creek Neighborhood: Home To The Most Expensive Miami Luxury Homes

10 September 2012

The market for Miami luxury homes is definitely looking at impressive figures which include a recent $47 million Indian Creek luxury home sale that bagged the region’s number one rank for the most expensive single-family home to have been sold within Miami-Dade County, Florida.

If you want to be able to find the most amazing homes within the United States today, why not consider options within a market that offer opulence like never before?

A Playground for the Rich

Miami has often been referred to as being the playground for the rich. Of course, it is mostly due to the fact that there are so many outstanding lifestyle options available in the region that cater so well to the high-end needs of wealthy people from all over the world — including singers, actors, supermodels, sports professionals, politicians, and many more.

Given the fact that the region is located along the Atlantic coast of the South Florida region, it is easily one of the most highly sought after locations, especially among the folks who are looking for their own private tropical paradise within island community settings such as the one offered within the exclusive neighborhood of Indian Creek.

The Exclusive Neighborhood

One of the interesting things about Indian Creek is the fact that it strives to achieve a degree of security that is only fitting for the high-profile individuals who choose the neighborhood as their own home. In fact, people who own Miami luxury homes set within Indian Creek have the benefit of their very own police force which includes a boat patrol which roams the perimeter of the island around the clock.

But there’s more to the package for people who choose Miami luxury homes within Indian Creek since residents are also given access to the exclusive country club which happens to be home to one of the most exquisite golf courses within the region today.

Of course, such features can only be expected within a community that is comprised of a total of 38 home sites and only 32 actual home properties. If you are one of the property buyers who values limited edition options, you will certainly find Indian Creek’s selection of Miami luxury homes to be within that category, especially since these options are priced so that only the wealthiest of people will be able to afford them.

As of August 2012, the median listing price for Miami luxury homes within Indian Creek is $18 million.

Property buyers who would like to find out more about the options that are currently offered within the Indian Creek neighborhood should take the time to speak with a professional agent for more details regarding available options.

Yaz Morgan
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