A Buyer’s Comparison Between Locations: Brickell Condos Versus South Beach Condos

25 July 2012

Buyers that are looking for Miami real estate options found within the region’s best urban city settings will often be torn between two options: Brickell condos and South Beach condos. Both are known to be superb locations which have become among the top favorite for buyers within the region today.

Both of these locations provide people with fabulous home spaces that provide great amenities and features which come alongside absolute comfort and convenience. But if you happen to be someone who is still thinking about which of these two options is going to provide you with more satisfaction from your purchase, you will want to be able to weigh each option for your own benefit.


Being an impressive urban neighborhood located in the region’s financial district of Downtown Miami has definitely proven to be a plus for buyers who want to be close to all of the action that takes place within the area. With today’s selection of Brickell condos, people have come to find a wonderful range of luxurious high-rise homes in one of the busiest places within the region.

There are many world-class shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues found in the area. However, people who are not particularly keen on being located within such an active neighborhood might not be too excited about the hustle and bustle that goes on within the area each day.

I you are coming to Miami in order to find success in large doses, Brickell is definitely the place for you. Nevertheless, the neighborhood’s location south of the Miami River enables people to capture fantastic views of the city, its brilliant skyline, and Biscayne Bay.

Buyers can expect to find a selection of low and mid-rise residences on the west end of Brickell Avenue while the upscale high-rise residences can be found on the east end, including Millionaire’s Row where options such as the Bath Club, 5600 Collins, and the Mei Condominium are located.

South Beach

Moving over to the neighborhood of South Beach which is widely popular for being one of the most exciting world-class beach destinations within the United States, the very essence of luxury and relaxation seems to be the main highlight within the area.

Located east of Miami proper, people will find the neighborhood to be quite near all of the other areas within the region, but the fact that people can expect to be a short walk away from the beach makes it an outstanding location, especially for those who are looking to experience the ultimate oceanfront lifestyle within South Florida.

There are excellent options located within the neighborhood that offer views of the city skyline, Biscayne Bay, and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Many of today’s South Beach condos are considered to be among the most opulent real estate options in the region today which makes these options perfect for people who are interested in living in the lap of luxury within a tropical paradise setting. The 1500 Ocean Drive, Setai South Beach, Il Villaggio, and the W South Beach are among the prime options in the neighborhood.

Once buyers understand how both of these prime locations differ from one another, it becomes easier to determine where to consider making your condo purchase. If you would like to learn more information on these areas, or if you would like to find out about the available selection of condos within each of these neighborhoods, you will find it to be in your best interest to get in touch with a professional real estate agent that specializes in Brickell condos and South Beach condos for more details.

Yaz Morgan
South Beach Condos