Coconut Grove: The Oldest Community in Miami That Offers Easy Access Within an Ideal Setting

23 July 2012

People who are interested in being able to find the most ideal real estate options found within the Miami region will find Coconut Grove homes to be an excellent option to consider. Aside from the fact that these homes are truly outstanding, many have come to find that the community itself is indeed one of the best communities that the South Florida region has to offer today.

The Oldest Inhabited Community in Miami

While there are many who are drawn to the South Florida region because of its superb tropical climate and gorgeous natural beauty, there are also those who prefer living in the area because of its historical significance which is definitely something to revel in when it comes to the Coconut Grove community.

The community was established by the first few immigrants that arrived in the area in 1825. It was then that the Cape Florida lighthouse started its operations. It wasn’t until 1873 that the first post office was established under the name Coconut Grove which is where the community derived its name.

The first hotel within the South Florida region was built in 1882 on the site which has now become the Pea*censored* Park along McFarlane Road where people can find a lovely playground, a grassy field, and even a skate park.

Up until this very day, there are many great remnants such as the Barnacle Historic State Park and the Vizcaya Museum which showcase the richness of such a beautiful historic community.

Easy Access to Everything Within Miami

One of the advantageous qualities that people can look forward to is the easy access to everything within Miami. People that choose to live within Coconut Grove homes are easily able to go from one place to another because of the fact that it is located within an area that is bound by roads and highways such as Rickenbacker Causeway, North Prospect Drive, and South Dixie Highway.

Places such as Coral Gables, Downtown Miami, and Miami Beach are merely minutes away from the community which means that people who prefer Coconut Grove homes are able to make the most of living within such a convenient location.

An Ideal Residential Environment Setting

Much like any other home purchase, people who are looking for real estate options in Miami are usually looking for the most ideal environment settings possible. Coconut Grove is definitely one of the most outstanding communities within the region due to its friendly neighborhoods, pedestrian-friendly layout, and relaxing atmosphere. Lush sceneries surround today’s selection of Coconut Grove homes in a manner that is so delightful that even the most stressful day at work will fade like smoke, especially if you are lucky enough to get one of the waterfront homes which provide access to the Biscayne Bay.

If you would like to learn more about the community of Coconut Grove, or if you are interested in finding out more about the selection of Coconut Grove homes that are available on the property market, you should get in touch with a professional agent that can provide you with more information today.

Yaz Morgan