Three Reasons Why the W South Beach Condos Are Among the Most Remarkable Condos in Miami Beach

21 July 2012

People who are looking for the most prestigious options on the Miami Beach real estate market today should definitely turn their attention to the fabulous W South Beach condos which have proven to be one of the most exceptional condos within Miami Beach today.

If you have never heard about the W South Beach condos then it’s about time that you did because it truly is one of the most remarkable condo developments in the world and here are three of the primary reasons why:

Amazing Oceanfront Location

One of the main reasons why people tend to consider Miami Beach real estate is the fact that it provides people with an opportunity to engage in a luxurious lifestyle that is celebrated with one of the most amazing oceanfront locations within the United States.

Now, the W South Beach condos are located along Collins Avenue which is one of the city’s most famous attractions because of the breath-taking ocean views that can easily be enjoyed from the beautiful stretch found along the Atlantic coast of South Florida.

Note: The neighborhood of South Beach is one of the most popular ares within the region which people from all over the world have come to consider to be a world-class beach resort destination.

Sophisticated High-Rise Living

Since people are now more interested in condo living, the range of options found in the city of Miami Beach have definitely grown in number. However, none can even compare to the degree of luxury and sophistication that is offered by W South Beach condos within its 20-story architectural masterpiece which is home to a total of 409 units which can be found on the property market with a price range of $800,000 to $5,000,000.

Each of the fabulous condos offered within the community provide people with such brilliantly designed homes which have been designed by Yabu Pushelberg, one of the biggest names in the design profession. Furthermore, each of the condos come completely finished and furnished which means that property buyers can move right in because these homes have everything that anyone can possibly need.

Award-Winning Room Service

One of the most notable features that set the W South Beach condos apart from all of the other condo options within the city is its award-winning room service which is a superb commitment to provide all residents with whatever they want, whenever they want. No other real estate option is able to go the extra mile in providing people with luxury like never before and that is definitely one of the primary reasons why people choose W South Beach condos.

If you would like to find out more about the other features that you can look forward to at the W South Beach condos, or if you are interested in details regarding available options on today’s property market, you should get in touch with a professional agent for more information.

Yaz Morgan