Luxury Real Estate within Miami Beach: The Condo with a Record-Breaking $25 Million Penthouse

17 July 2012

When it comes to luxury real estate, the city of Miami Beach is definitely one of the top options to consider for people from all over the world. But if you are looking for the most exceptional condos within the city, it helps to consider your options at the record-breaking Continuum South Beach where the most expensive property sold in the history of the city can be found.

When it comes to real estate, people are always looking out for their best interests. It does not matter what the price may be as long as they get exactly what they want in terms of quality and value.

The $25 Million Penthouse

Such is the case for the 74000 square foot penthouse located at the Continuum South Beach which was recently sold by a member of the family behind the Germany-based shoe company Birkenstock to an Italian investment company owner who prefers not to be identified.

The three-level penthouse property was sold for a value of $25 million which smashed the previously set record of $21.5 million.

Superior Penthouse Luxury

Since penthouse properties are usually the most extravagant options found within any condo, it helps to gauge luxury by the extravagance with which they create their most superior property options. As for the Continuum South Beach, the luxury penthouse is easily described to be a glass box in the sky which offers breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean, Downtown Miami, and everything within the beautiful horizon.

One of the reasons that the Italian investor had become so interested in this particular penthouse is the fact that it was the only one that stood out as far as its ability to offer exclusive privacy is concerned.

The Continuum South Beach

People who are interested in being able to purchase other properties found within the two-tower condo complex known as the Continuum South Beach will easily find a grand selection of options that are sure to live up to their luxury standards.

Located in a 13-acre beachfront location within the city of Miami Beach, the amazing Continuum South Beach offers first-class amenities which include a 25,000 square foot health and fitness center, two swimming pools, four hot tubs, two saunas, and three tennis courts.

People who want to be sure to get the best of today’s luxury real estate market should get in touch with a professional agent to find out more about the available options offered within the city today.

Yaz Morgan
Continuum South Beach