General Information about La Gorce Island: Homes Found Within a Luxurious Island Community

17 July 2012

La Gorce Island homes are the perfect option for property buyers who are looking for the best waterfront homes within the South Florida region. There is much to gain from such an outstanding property option which property buyers will surely love as far as the island community itself and the degree of luxury that these homes can provide.

The Island Community

Beginning with its location, people can find the island community within the beautiful city of Miami Beach in Miami-Dade Country, Florida. The island itself is situated in Biscayne Bay within the North Beach section of the city.

People who are looking to make the most of living within the city of Miami Beach will find La Gorce Island homes to be perfect since they are within close range of other nearby areas such as Surfside and Bal Harbour while the city of Aventura lies further up north from the island community. People who would also like to spend time within the fabulous neighborhoods of South Beach and South of Fifth will be able to do so by taking a trip down south.

The community itself features only one commercial building which is located along 51st Street and Cherokee Avenue. Other than that, the island is strictly residential.

Prime Waterfront Luxury

Since the city of Miami Beach is recognized as being one of the finest beach resort destinations in the world, it only makes sense for people to come into the region hoping to find the most spectacular waterfront luxury homes possible. But unlike other community settings within the city, La Gorce Island homes are found within exclusive settings that live up to prime luxury living standards while making sure that beach areas are still found within a short distance from home.

La Gorce Island Homes

Exactly what selection of luxury homes awaits property buyers within the sensational island community? One thing for sure is that La Gorce Island homes are among the most astounding real estate options within the region as far as size and stature goes. In fact, these homes are considered to be perfect for people who are looking for absolute luxury as proven by the fact that some very famous people such as Cher and Billy Joel.

It goes without saying that the vast majority of these waterfront luxury homes are found to be in the multimillion dollar price range. According to recent data, the average listing price for La Gorce Island homes on online listings was $2,861,412 for the first week of July 2012 which marks an increase of 2.5 percent compared to the previous week.

If you would like more information on your available options, you should contact a professional agent for more details.

Yaz Morgan