Sunny Isles Real Estate Development Projects: The Mansions at Acqualina

12 July 2012

The property market for the North Miami region is definitely about to get even more interesting with the brand new residential development project which is sure to bring lots of attention to the Sunny Isles real estate market. With developers such as LPLA Partners alongside FENDI CASA taking charge of the design aspect, the Mansions at Acqualina is definitely going to be one of the most exquisite property options within the entire region.

Construction Begins

The development project has entered the early stages of construction; however, many are eager to see how things are going to progress as the high-rise condominium which will be home to 79 mansions which will include a “Palazzo di Oro” penthouse” has already started to grab the spotlight for being among the most illustrious options that city of Sunny Isles Beach has to offer.

Construction is expected to be complete by 2014.

Oceanfront Features

One of the strengths of the Mansions at Acqualina development project is the fact that it is going to provide people with the most exceptional oceanfront lifestyle possible in Miami today.

The 6.75 acre site for the development project along Collins Avenue is certainly one of the most awe-inspiring locations within the city. The fact that residents and guests of the Mansions at Acqualina can expect an exclusive beach area all to themselves is definitely one of the best features of living within such a community.

Its location makes it possible for people to enjoy unobstructed views of the ocean horizon from within each of the sky mansions that are offered on the Sunny Isles real estate market for prices that start at $5 million.

Furthermore, the fact that the rise of such an ambitious development project will not affect the views of neighboring infrastructures makes it a welcome addition to Sunny Isles Beach City’s many superb high-rise buildings.

Pre-Development Success

Many have come to find the development project to easily be a true success as far as development projects are concerned as it has managed to acquire an impressive sales record of $200 million in only one month. Of course, the numbers continue to grow, especially now that foreign property buyers and global reeal estate investors eagerly look into the best opportunities that the Miami real estate market has to offer.

If you happen to be one of the many who would like to be able to become a part of such a luxurious oceanfront community, you should definitely take the time to get in touch with a professional agent that specializes in Sunny Isles real estate to find out more about the Mansions at Acqualina and all of the details on your available options.

Yaz Morgan
Mansions at Acqualina