Golden Beach Real Estate History: How the Exceptional Town Came Into Existence

12 July 2012

If you were to put together a list of the most luxurious upscale property options within the Miami region, you would definitely find Golden Beach real estate to be among the top five. While many find it easy to appreciate the beauty and brilliance that has made it such an exceptional choice for property buyers all over the world, there are aspects such as its fascinating which are easily overlooked.

Today, we are going to look at the town’s history and how such an exceptional town came into existence to help people further understand what makes Golden Beach real estate one of the most valuable options within the region today.

The Early 1920s

It all began nearly a century ago when the Ralston brothers had seen the excellent potential of the city of Miami Beach. However, these brothers had a vision which did not involve one entire city but instead focused on a relatively small community that would be devoted to providing people with an outstanding family life that would be made possible in an environment that is peaceful without having to be too far from the rest of the cities in the region.

In their search for the perfect location, they had stumbled upon an oceanfront setting which was no more than a single mile in length. It was situated right on the northern tip of the Miami-Dade County area and offered stunning views of the ocean horizon.

Golden Beach Corporation

With the Ralston brothers and several other associates, the Golden Beach Corporation was brought forth in order to work towards achieving the vision to create an idyllic family community. They had invested millions of dollars in preparing the land which meant clearing out swamps and everything else that needed to be set in place before any actual constructions could begin.

The first homes within the town area had been constructed along oceanfront locations by the year 1928. However, the corporation itself seemed to have lost its avid interest in developing the town and so the property owners who had been living within the area had taken it into their own hands to continue what has already been started with the Golden Beach real estate development plan.

Soon enough, the people within the area had decided to have the town incorporated as a town and so they gathered at least twenty-five registered voters to take part in doing so. By the time that the first election took place, there had been only ten residents left.

The Town Today

The town community had undergone several changes which had helped in bringing it into what it is today. While the natural beauty of the area remains to be one of the top reasons why property buyers are encouraged to purchase Golden Beach real estate on the market, the fact that it is such an idyllic upscale community makes it among the best community options for people within Miami today.

It is one of the few town communities within the United States that offers exclusivity like none other. Also, retains the highest degree of luxury possible which is achieved by the fact that residents of the community are comprised of individuals who all live beyond average means and work towards maintaining the high quality of oceanfront living that they all love so dearly.

If you would like to find out more about the town of Golden Beach, or if you are interested in the different options that are currently available to you on the Golden Beach real estate market, you should take the time to contact a professional agent that can provide you with complete details regarding the town and its available options.

Yaz Morgan
Golden Beach Real Estate