The Super Friends in Miami ready to defend their home court in the final NBA

17 June 2012

LeBron James is cleaned his face with a white towel, and two other corners of the court his great friends in the Miami Heat, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, they also share with the press on Saturday, on the eve of the third game against Oklahoma City Thunder for the final NBA.

Three Superfriends, as has named the U.S. press, showing signs of sweating heavily in training, technical sign that Erick Spoelstra has made ‚Äč‚Äčthem work hard on variants of the same issue that brought them to the end title for the second consecutive year. “We do not want to be down in the series. One has to impose the rule of his court, that is elementary, and also have a little help from the fans,” said James.

The Heat reaches the third stop of the series best of seven games with a certain psychological advantage, and will play the next three games on their home floor overlooking the bay of Miami, where he could win his second title as a franchise, and the first the era of LeBron and his friends. “I think we played the first two games at high altitude, and that the defeat of the former helped us learn to close better the second,” added James. “One can not completely stop KD ( Kevin Durant) or West (Russell Westbrook), but if you can control the ball as they get uncomfortable. ” D-Wade, who also responded to criticism of its weak contribution in the first game with a great performance by 24 points says his side will be the main thing the Heat collective input to the common victory. “Obviously, our team is better, LeBron, Chris and I have to play better each time, but we need help from the other boys” he said Wade. “Shane (Battier) has been phenomenal, Mario (Chalmers) is having Grands shots, and UD (Udonis Haslem) brings a lot of energy off the bench,” said Wade. LeBron was the subject of much criticism last year, with the disappearance of the field in the critical moments of the final loss against Dallas Mavericks.

This season, the ‘King’ James has silenced his critics with an overpowering game, which led him to earn his third award for Best Player of the League (MVP in English). “Last year I had to do a lot of adjustments and I was not in rhythm throughout the season, “he said. “This year I have been more comfortable with the team, more comfortable with the system, more comfortable with the city and its surroundings”. “Once I’m on the court, I let my game flow, and everything else comes only with the help of my colleagues, said the best man in the Heat this season. His friend D-Wade was the one who convinced James and Bosh to dismiss better offers from other teams and come to the Heat for less money, in exchange for getting their first NBA championship ring. But the ‘Flash’ Wade seems to go off every night, between his battered knee pain and loss of physical and Bosh is playing still limited by an abdominal injury, so LeBron had to take to the Heat on his back to avoid another debacle like last year. James has responded with big numbers, averaging 31 points per game, 8.5 rebounds, 4.5 assists and 2.5 steals. The Heat needs all the LeBron contribution can give, especially in the closing of the party, and more support from their foreign fans. Heat fans are the only of the 30 teams throughout the League to remain silent when his team goes under in the marker. Not even LeBron James escaped the reproaches whistles and last year. “The public of Miami is an expert on this game, and is demanding. And that’s a challenge we have every time we go to the court, “said the ‘King’ of the NBA.