Miami agrees to ban synthetic drug ‘bath salts’

17 June 2012

The U.S. city of Miami (USA) approved in the first instance an ordinance to prohibit the sale of “bath salts”, a synthetic drug that, according to experts, is stronger than cocaine and may lead consumers to commit extreme aggression.

“A proposal on a preliminary basis at the meeting of the City Commission and a committee will analyze the July 2,” Efe said a spokeswoman for the mayor of Miami.

Miami joins other cities in southern Florida as Sweetwater, Sunrise and Miami-Dade County to prohibit various types of synthetic drugs.

The ordinance was presented by Commissioner Wifredo Gort in the context of the battle being fought “to keep safe and free of drugs in our neighborhoods.”

According to the proposal of Gort, the initiative is a proactive way to legislate for being “ahead of a new generation of drugs. “

“This ordinance will serve as a preemptive strike on our part” to prevent the product is marketed in this Florida city.

“We will continue working with the Police Department in similar efforts to deal with the creative ways that this illegal industry is invented , “said Gort to present the proposal.

The ordinance indicates that the products generally known as “synthetic cocaine” or “synthetic amphetamine” are purchased for completely different purposes for which they were manufactured.

Note that these substances can be more dangerous to humans that controlled because they are not approved for consumption and the changing nature of the component containing chemicals.

The “Bath salts” can be purchased legally and as products are purchased in “disproportionate numbers “for children and young adults represent a health and safety issue for Miami and its inhabitants, according to the text of the ordinance.

This substance causes psychosis, delusions, auditory and tactile hallucinations, aggression and a high rise in body temperature.

Authorities are investigating whether the so-called “cannibal of Miami” Rudy Eugene, who last month devoured 75 percent of the face of Ronald indigent Poppo on a ramp on a busy highway in the city, acted under the influence of “Bath Salts “sold as” Cloud 9 “or” Ivory Wave “.

The therapist Alfredo Hernandez recently explained to Efe that the drug is “like a super-powerful form of cocaine produced in laboratories” that alters the brain mechanisms that help humans to curb impulses.