75 people aspiring to be the manager of the Beach

4 June 2012

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – This week the Miami Beach Commission will determine who will be the new city manager, choosing from dozens of candidates.

The commissioners will decide who their new manager, after the forced resignation of Jorge Gonzalez, who after 12 years in the administration of the beach, was forced to resign due to what, according to analysts familiar with the policy of Miami Beach, was a collusion of two commissioners of that city.

It is said that Jonah Wolfson and Michael Gongora, along with other members of that committee Gonzalez blamed for the problems that have occurred in recent months on the beach, including cases of police officers and firefighters who extorted money from owners of nightclubs, and the corrupt inspectors.

The pressure exerted by these commissioners made Gonzalez, who had announced his retirement from office next year’s decision to resign on the spot. On Wednesday, May 9, Gonzalez made his resignation effective.

The search for possible candidates for the position of manager was swift. Until last Wednesday, May 30, there had been more than 75. It is expected that 8 this month, on leaving his job as Jorge Gonzalez administrator, you can know who is chosen.

Although candidates are statewide, there are some well known, among them one that has the experience of having successfully previously held that position between 1995-1998: Attorney Jose Garcia Pedrosa, who later became city manager of Miami and ran for mayor of that city.

There are other faces well known of the current politicians from the beach and civic activists, such as Frank Spencer, a veteran of politics in South Florida, who was an administrator in the 70’s, Barton Goldberg, who belonged to the board of Planning and Zoning of the beach, and the current director of Budget Miami Beach, Kathie Brooks.

The new administrator will oversee the next city budget of more than $ 200 million, in addition to overseeing a project to remodel the convention center district at a cost de1.000 million, and five new union contracts negotiated . You will have a salary of more than $ 200,000 a year.

“The most qualified is Garcia Pedrosa,” said three prominent political activists from Miami Beach who asked to remain anonymous. Another told us that “the commissioners do not want another Hispanic as administrator”.