If A Young Teenager Can Successfully Invest In Florida Foreclosures Then So Can You

13 March 2012

If you happen to be among the many people who feel somewhat skeptical about how you can possibly make a profit by investing in Florida foreclosures then you will most likely have a change of mind once you hear about one of the most interesting success stories which involves a teenage girl who has managed to become a landlord at the tender age of fourteen.

It had not been too long after the housing market had collapsed that the mother of a young girl named Willow Tufano had began working with foreclosure properties in Florida. While the existing demand for these types of home properties was definitely present at the time, it had also become apparent that investors who had an interest in buying these types of home properties were interested solely in the actual home and had no regard for the furniture that came with the property.

Of course, the idea of being able to turn those furniture items into cash had become an opportunity for her to make money so, upon receiving permission from the investors who were buying these Florida foreclosures, she was able to sell the furniture items on Craigslist which had enabled her to earn around $500 in total each month and it did not take long before she was able to save up to as much as $6,000 which many will agree is impressive for a girl of her age.

After a few months, she had decided on investing the money she had saved up to bid on a home property that was once valued at $100,000 that been placed in an auction with a starting bid of $12,000 and managed to bag the deal by splitting the deal with her mother although the teenager has plans of taking the title to the home property in a couple of years. As early as now people will already be able to predict a good future for the young landlord, especially since she seems to be moving towards the right direction as far as her own personal investments are concerned.

Today, the home property is being rented out to a young family for a sum of $700 each month which is pretty good income for a teenage girl. If a fourteen year old girl can manage to invest in Florida foreclosures and get herself established with a source of income such as that then there is no reason for other individuals to dare miss out on the opportunities that await them on the property market.

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