Coral Gables Homes – The Ideal Home Option For Couples Who Want An Ideal Family-Friendly Location

3 March 2012

Miami has never been considered to be a suitable place to raise a family but Coral Gables, Florida is one of the neighborhoods that beg to differ. Because of the unusual nightlife activity found in this side of the state, a lot of people tend to shy away or even consider Miami as viable place to raise a family. But if you look at different Coral Gables homes, you might want to reconsider that notion.

It is already given that some parts of Miami is not really family-friendly because of the number of adult-themed activities found in the city, but Coral Gables is pretty much not your average Miami neighborhood. Most of the residential properties located in Coral Gables provide a different vibe compared to the ones you regularly see in Miami.

Just by visiting the different neighborhoods in Miami, you will immediately feel the differences of one neighborhood to the other. If you are planning to raise a family in Miami, then your choices are either getting an exclusive residential property in the artificial islands located at the MacArthur Causeway, or you will settle for a good neighborhood like Coral Gables or Aventura.

If you have the purchasing power to buy a good residential villa in Star Island, do not think twice about it especially if safety and security is your number one concern! But if you are just looking for a place that offers almost the same quality but is dramatically cheaper, then the residential properties in Coral Gables would suit you well!

One of the biggest advantages of getting a home in Coral Gables is the fact that the University of Miami – one of the best schools in the Sunshine State – is located in this neighborhood. If you are thinking about the future and raise kids that you can send off to college, Coral Gables is a no-brainer. Sure, properties in the Gables are pricier than Miami’s average residential properties, but the quality of life is far more different here!

It is more than safe to say that if you are looking for a property that you want to truly call your home, Coral Gables homes will fit the bill perfectly! With the University of Miami just within close range, you can expect that your property’s market value would not depreciate as quickly as the ones found in downtown Miami or even Miami Beach for that matter! So do not hesitate to look at properties in the Gables, because you might find the property you have always dreamed of in this place!

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