Sunny Isles Condos – The Porsche Design Tower Is Set To Make A New Standard In Luxury Living

24 January 2012

2012 looks to be really promising for the Miami real estate market. Just in case you are not aware of the newest condo tower currently being developed in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, The Porsche Design Tower is the next-generation modern luxury living option for people looking for an awesome way to live life!

If you are looking for Sunny Isles condos that truly stand out from the rest of the competition, you are looking at the right page! What sets the Porsche Design Tower from other residential properties currently available in Miami today? For starters, if you love your ride, and you always want it within your viewing range, then this condo will surely get your attention!

Because of the Porsche Design Tower’s unique feature, the elevator allows you and your car to be taken directly to your home… even if it is on the 57th floor! Yep, once you have parked on your spot, you can let the building take care of you and your ride without you having the need to step out unless you are right in front of your doorstep!

It is safe to say that the Porsche Design Group takes a lot of pride when it comes to their concepts and this condo tower is just another example of how superior their creativity is when it comes to modern living! Luxury has never been more luxurious thanks to the brilliantly designed building. Because of its exclusivity, you can expect a hefty amount of cash to be invested with properties for sale like these.

If you really want to become a unit owner of this magnificent condo tower, you can expect units ranging from $2.9 million to $9 million bucks! Despite a very hefty price tag, do not expect that these units will take time before each unit is sold out because as early as now, the developers are already accepting reservations!

At this point in time, paying for something like this is acceptable provided that you can afford it and you are looking for a residential loft that no other developers can offer for the time being. If you have a more than a million bucks to spare for a high-end residential option in Miami, then this condo tower is a no-brainer because exclusivity and elegance at this point in time is truly one-of-a-kind, so if you are planning to look for Sunny Isles condos, now is probably the best time to leave a mark.

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