The Miami Commercial Real Estate Market Expects More Positive Trends In 2012

10 January 2012

People that have previously been reluctant about making their move on the wide range of available opportunities on the Miami commercial real estate market will readily find it easy to put their worries aside as the fresh start to the year has also brought some very good news.

According to recent news, the Miami commercial real estate market is performing much better than most of the markets within the United States today and, due to circumstances, it is highly likely that the actual value for properties found within various sectors will rise in the upcoming months.

There are positive trends that can be expected in the next couple of months as the Miami real estate market in general has been one of the few markets within the country which provides people with such a dynamic selection of opportunities that appeal to both local as well as international prospects.

Investors that actually have the resources to place into valuable opportunities will easily find suitable options on the Miami commercial real estate market which has proven to be at doing relatively well compared to before. Of course, the money side continues to play a huge role in the overall development of the local market but that certainly seems to be no major issue as far as today’s willing group of investors are concerned.

At the moment, we are looking at cap rates which stand at the same levels that they were at before the market crash had struck and, for certain areas, rental rates seemed to have dropped while other areas seem to have stabilized to a certain extent.

The same thing applies for the variety of retail, office, as well as industrial properties which have yet to go through absorption. Nevertheless, as spaces start to be occupied, rates are sure to push up over time.

As far as the market for office spaces within the region, the Miami commercial real estate market is still found to be in favor of potential tenants as the vacancy remains within the double-digit range which may bring about the possibility of improvement allowances and concessions for those properties.

Now, given the fact that there is an existing demand for outstanding commercial real estate properties within the region, it is expected that the next few months will show increasing absorption as investors find the best options on the Miami commercial real estate market and once things are finally set in motion, things can only look up for the commercial sector of the Miami real estate market.

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Commercial Real Estate