The Impressive Options At The ICON South Beach Are Among The Best Condominiums In The Region

28 December 2011

Given the range of condominium options that are made available within the Miami Beach area, it only makes sense for people to choose what is superb in every aspect and that is why the majority of people who want to get the most impressive options find ICON South Beach to be the number one choice because of the utmost integrity with which they are able to deliver the finest condominiums within the region today.

One look at the ICON South Beach infrastructure and people already know that they are up for something that is truly remarkable. The ICON South Beach is situated upon 7-acres of land within the beautiful South Beach neighborhood, the two-tiered residential tower rises up to 35 and 40 stories which allow people to go make the most of living in such an amazing location.

There is no denying the degree of innovation that has gone into the development of the ICON South Beach as it truly is one of the most expressive infrastructures found within the neighborhood, but it also emanates a classic feel which is highly reflective of the neighborhood’s very essence — a quality that has enabled South Beach to be among the most sophisticated destinations in the world.

Nevertheless, people find that the selection that is provided to them within the grand condominium allows them to choose according to their own personal preferences as nine floor-plan options and four distinctive design palettes allows people to freely opt for home spaces that are true to their own personalities. Be it Nature, Classic, Culture, or Minimal, residents of the ICON South Beach always end up with home spaces to really showcase who they are in a fashion that never goes out of style.

Every corner of each home space is designed precisely to meet the high expectations which people have set when it comes to ICON South Beach and all of these features are delivered with exceptional taste, especially when it comes to all the fine details which have all been designed by the world-renowned designer Philippe Starck and YOO Ltd.

Today, people can look forward to the most astounding condominium options that all come with first-rate amenities and facilities which are integrated into one perfect package that truly lives up to what people would imagine an authentic South Beach luxury living experience to be and the ICON South Beach stands as living proof that people really can have all the comfort in the world from within a condominium that offers the best in luxury within South Beach.

Joan Vonnegut
ICON South Beach