Coral Gables Real Estate — Mediterranean Revival Architecture Adds Appeal To The City Beautiful

27 December 2011

If you have ever wondered what it must be to live in one of the most beautiful city locations within South Florida then you will find the Coral Gables real estate market to hold the key to reaching that goal as there is only one place within the entire region that holds the name “The City Beautiful” and that is definitely something that people cannot ignore, especially when it comes to finding the best home properties around.

Coral Gables happens to be among the first ever planned communities in existence and it easily becomes an excellent choice for people who are looking to live within the most ideal residential locations within the region. In fact, there are now more than 42,000 who have found that the city is perfect for their daily living needs since it has been able to provide comfort and security in all the right amounts.

Of course, being able to find outstanding home properties is definitely a big aspect that people will want to find on the Coral Gables real estate market. Nevertheless, people always end up finding superb home property options which are set within a healthy environment that emanates peace and harmony.

One thing that the city’s real estate properties are particularly recognized for is the fact that the majority of the homes that can be found along the beautiful streets of the city happen to be designed in a manner which is reminiscent of an architectural style known as Mediterranean Revival architecture which happens to be a rather eclectic style that brought in several elements that had evolved from the sixteenth century.

Typically, home properties that showcase this style of architecture can be found with Stucco wall surfaces, tile roofs, arches, and articulated doorways which often feature detailed designs which add to the timelessness of each property. Also, Coral Gables real estate options are often found to have stunning outdoor areas with lush garden areas and brilliant landscaping which certainly utilize and add functionality to the entire property — something that families always find appealing, especially since the city has such wonderful weather for spending outdoors.

Mediterranean Revival architecture had become quite popular during the 1920s and, because of the strong influence of these architectural styles among the Coral Gables real estate home properties on the market today, people can look forward to finding exquisite opportunities to acquire home properties that possess a classic appeal that will surely transcend through time.

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