South Florida Real Estate Market Improvements Have Much To Do With International Property Buyers

26 December 2011

Wealthy property buyers from outside the United States seem to have played such an integral role in the on-going improvements which have been taking place on the South Florida real estate market which happens to be among the ones who have been hit the hardest by the property crash which hit the country a few years ago.

The international property buyers who have driven such a large percentage of today’s real estate activity have been coming from all around the world. However, it has been known that the vast majority of these property buyers have been coming from regions such as Latin America, Canada, and even Russia.

In fact, it is property buyers such as these who have manage to drive the prices up on a variety of real estate options including condominiums within popular areas around the Miami region which has gone up in price of around 50 percent from where they were priced in 2009.

Many find that the power with which today’s property buyers have been able to seize available opportunities within the South Florida real estate market have been special because of the fact that an estimated 85 percent of these transactions are often paid in cash which means that the benefits that are being received come in their actual totality as opposed to having to wait for improvements to come in the form of installments.

It goes without saying that it really is no surprise to find people looking to the South Florida real estate market for available opportunities since it has always been one of the few locations within the United States that has always been able to attract such a high volume of international attention since it continues to hold its rank as being one of the most spectacular beach resort destinations on the planet.

In turn, South Florida and all of its qualities has made it the next best option for those who look forward to being able to have a second home or a vacation home within the United States which is why so many of these wealthy property buyers have been busy looking at available South Florida real estate properties and opportunities, especially when it comes to those which fall under the luxury real estate category since these are the properties that are known to offer people the most value considering what these truly impressive homes have to provide in terms of comfort and functionality at such amazing prices.

Joan Vonnegut
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