Kravitz Is Moving Into An Apartment At The Paramount Bay Condo In Miami

22 December 2011

The rock icon and singer turned interior designer Lenny Kravitz has decided to take an apartment property at the Paramount Bay condo which is located at 2020 North Bayshore Drive.

The decision makes perfect sense since his company, Kravitz Design, had designed all of the amenities for the 346-unit 47-story tower condo including its spa, lobby, club room, business lounge, and pool area.

It was clear in Kravitz tht he felt good to be back in Miami. After all, he did spend a good portion of his time in the area since some of his relatives from his mother’s side were known to have settled around the Biscayne Corridor.

Kravitz had pointed out an interesting notion about how people who come to Miami tend to get the idea that South Beach is where it really is. On the contrary, he finds it to be rewarding to simply hang out at the local spots, have some Jamaican food, chill with artists, and then engage in upscale activities — a great city is all about the mix.

In fact, Kravitz even sees the Omni area/Design District to be reminiscent of Manhattan in the 80s. He had first lived in SoHo, on Broome Street which was part of the Bowery. Today, the Bowery isn’t even that anymore.

Quite similarly, Miami is turning into something fresh as it has been developing more interesting places and adding on new galleries in various areas within the metro.

With regards to the Paramount Bay, he had envisioned it to be something that would appeal to a wide range of people by adding textured earth tones similar to a boutique hotel while retaining a casual atmosphere so that people can still feel absolutely comfortable since comfort is the most important thing to Kravitz.