Netscape Founder Sold Miami Beach Penthouse Property For Record Sale Of $21.5 Million

12 December 2011

The founder behind Netscape, Jim Clark, has sold his penthouse in Miami Beach last week for a sum of $21.5 million — a sum that is believed to be a new set record for a condominium property south of Manhattan.

The previous sales price record in the area was set last year when a lower Setai penthouse for a sum of $15 million which is well behind that of the recent sale of the 5,803 square foot penthouse on the 40th floor of the Setai South Beach which is located in the fabulous Miami Beach region.

Purchased by Clark in 2004 for a sum of $9 million, the penthouse was first placed on the market with a price tag of $27 million for the stunning four-bedroom, four-bathroom luxury home that emanates qualities which are conducive to comfort and relaxation, enhanced by exotic furniture from Thailand, and made even more rewarding by the breath-taking Atlantic Ocean views that can be seen from within the penthouse.

Now, the Miami Beach penthouse sale has been the most experience penthouse to have ever been sold as it accounts to more than $3,700 per square foot in price.

In 2011, there have been only four luxury properties in Miami Beach that have been successfully sold on the market for values that are within the $20 million range.