Sunny Isles Real Estate – One Of The Most Talked About Residential Markets In The Sunshine State

9 December 2011

Things are really different this time around for the Miami residential market. From being on the bottom of the rankings just a few years ago to becoming one of the most highly competitive real estate markets in the United States today. But this streak does not end there; in fact, it is just a start of something more awesome because the Sunny Isles real estate market has something to share to luxury condo buyers.

The future of modern living is here! The Porsche Design Tower, a project between Gil Dezer, a local Miami real estate developer, and the Porsche Design Group is designing one of the most brilliantly prepared residential condo units in the United States with this 57-story ultra-luxury residential tower. This condo tower is not your ordinary condo towers you see everywhere in Miami today as this tower has something more unique to offer.

Going home will never be the same again! This is pretty much the most important selling point of the Porsche Design Tower. Why, you may ask? Well, to put it pretty simple, this condo is going to give you a designated parking space. Once you are parked, you do not have to get out of the car and into the elevator, instead you and your car will be taken on a magical journey back to your front door! No folks, this is not the Jetsons, this is real life!

A lot of people were wondering as to why Porsche Design Group and Gil Dezer chose the Sunny Isles real estate market for this multimillion dollar project claiming that there are other neighborhoods suited for them. Well, to be perfectly honest, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida is truly one of the best locations available out there today because of the fact that this city is visited by a lot of people annually… a lot!

Whether you are looking for a one of a kind property or simply a comfortable place to live in, be sure to check Sunny Isles for your residential property needs. Miami is truly one of the best markets in the country today, so it would be foolish not to take advantage of the affordable residential property options available in the Sunshine State.

If you really want to save a lot of money in residential properties, choose a successful market. The Sunny Isles real estate market is truly among the best in the business! There are great residential properties waiting for you there whether it is a single family home, a townhouse, a condo or even an apartment!

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