The 2011 Miami Real Estate Success — Property Prices Are Still Beneficial To International Buyers

8 December 2011

Over the past couple of months, people have had all sorts of ideas when it comes to the market conditions of the Miami real estate market because of the simple fact of having no absolute certainty as to what would unfold over time. Nevertheless, Miami has been able to prove just how magical it really as even the worst of skeptics have been put in their place with the positive activity that the market had received in 2011.

The Miami real estate market has been able to do an excellent job of picking up from where it had left off in 2010. Although things have not exactly gone back to the way that things were before the market crash, it is safe to say that it is still on its way back up and has been able to do a good job so far.

In fact, the market now holds a very advantageous position in terms of how its future has yet to unfold because it has managed to become one of the leading real estate markets in the United States with its main strength being its high quality and high value residential properties — which are found all over the Miami region — that have become a major highlight among the thousands of property buyers that hail from all around the world.

International property buyers have definitely played a big part in the success that has been achieved by the Miami real estate market with a breakdown of activity on the market as follows: Venezuela with 15 percent; Brazil with 12 percent; Argentina with 11 percent; Canada with 10 percent; Colombia with 8 percent; Mexico and France with 5 percent; Italy and Spain with 4 percent; the United Kingdom, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Peru at 4 percent.

With the current demand for residential property options in Miami coming from all over the world, it is clear to see that things are only going to spill over into the next year for the Miami real estate market and that is definitely something that people are looking forward to as the market continues to push forward in its effort to restore the condition that it once had.

One particular issue that remains present ever since the market crash would be the fact that today’s property prices are still relatively low which is something that concerns sellers. However, such an issue is to the advantage of property buyers who are looking to get the most value for their money, and the Miami real estate market is definitely the way to go for that purpose.

Joan Vonnegut